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About Us

The Reel Factory office building located at 10488 W. Centennial Road in Littleton Colorado, offers everything your company needs to grow and thrive! We offer offices in multiple sizes and at different price levels to help you find the perfect home for your business. Our open space and virtual suites will allow your growing business the flexibility it needs. As a local business center we also offer rent able conference and event centers.  Contact us today about making the Reel Factory your business' new home! 

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Working Together
Dollar Bills

We have raised over $250,000 for local charities since we opened

Hosted over a 100 Charity Events

Film Reels

Who We Are

The Reel Factory houses a group of companies located at 10488 W. Centennial Road in Littleton Colorado. The building contains a variety of tenants from those in our Executive Suites and Virtual Offices, to a large manufacturing company called Goldberg Brothers, a movie themed self serve tap house, and a start-up distillery. The name Goldberg Brothers is synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood, as the main supplier of movie reels to the film industry from the 1920s-80s. Today Goldberg still makes those same movie reels, and they make them in the warehouse portion of the building! Hence the name Reel Factory! That is not the only cool thing about our building, we also have conference rooms,  an event center, pilates and yoga studio, and even a flashlight manufacturer! In addition to housing over 30 companies we are also striving to be a force for good in the community. Last year we hosted over a dozen charity events, helped bring companies together with 20+ networking events, and hosted 10 community oriented events!

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The Reel Factory

10488 W. Centennial Road Littleton, CO 80127

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